White Composite Fillings

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Do you want your dental fillings to look natural? Do you want to replace those old silver-coloured amalgam fillings that attract unwanted attention?

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Composite Fillings

A dental filling is one of the most frequently administered dental treatments. In the past, the standard procedure the dentist would prescribe usually consisted of placing amalgam fillings to repair the cavity in your tooth. However, the dark silver colour of amalgam fillings looks unsightly in one’s mouth, drawing attention to the fact that you’ve had fillings done. Amalgam fillings have also been highlighted as a contentious health risk, relative to its small but potentially toxic mercury content.

For these reasons, White Composite Fillings have emerged as a modern alternative to the amalgam “mercury” fillings. At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we recommend White Composite Fillings to patients who require fillings but are concerned about the aesthetic factor as well as a potential health risk.

For patients who wish to replace their existing amalgam fillings, we also provide a service for safe amalgam removal. Molonglo Dental Surgery is proud to be able to provide a non-toxic alternative that promotes the health and wellbeing of our patients. As cosmetic dentists, we are also happy to offer White Fillings as the preferred aesthetic choice for those who look after their appearance.

Should I opt for White Composite Fillings?

If the dentist has found a small cavity in your mouth, you would require dental fillings to repair and protect it from further decay or damage. However, under which circumstances would White Fillings be favoured over the more rugged but unsightly Amalgam Fillings? Here are a few factors to consider:

The appearance factor: This is perhaps the main reason why so many patients are opting for white fillings over amalgam fillings. Unlike white fillings that blend seamlessly with your neighbouring teeth, the dark silver appearance of amalgam fillings sharply contrasts with the other teeth in your mouth. Other material choices like gold or silver, while costlier, also appear as conspicuously as amalgam fillings hence are not as commonly requested.

The health factor: As mentioned, dental amalgams contain mercury, which is a highly toxic substance. Detractors claim that these fillings emit small amounts of mercury vapours into the lungs and can pose a significant health risk, resulting in physical dysfunction and even death. Although the health risks have not been established as fact by the dental/medical community, the safe amalgam removal procedure provides an alternative route to those who wish to avoid potential risks altogether.

The strength factor: Amalgam fillings are still widely used due to the rugged strength of their metallic component and affordable pricing. That is why some dentists recommend White Fillings for use on front teeth where appearance matters, and amalgam fillings for back teeth where more rugged chewing function occurs.

Thanks to advanced materials science, however, today’s composite fillings are known to withstand higher stress loads and also for their fracture-resistant properties. Compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings also require less removal of your healthy tooth structure – due to the more advanced bonding procedure involved.

In short, it is ultimately your choice. If you have any further questions or specific requirements, our dentist will be happy to address them at your next visit.

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